DPS Equity Statement

Decatur Public Schools is committed to fostering equity, excellence, and the holistic development of students, while also recognizing and valuing the diverse backgrounds of our staff and stakeholders. We strongly believe in and are committed to fostering diversity, inclusiveness, as well as a wide range of perspectives and experiences within Decatur Public Schools District 61.

Rep Your Culture

Resolution on Racism Update

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Advocacy Requests

  • In his role as DPS Assistant Superintendent of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion, Mr. Jeff Dase also serves as a Stakeholder Advocate for students, staff, parents, the community, and more. To share an Advocacy Request, email or text Mr. Dase with the following information:

    • Name
    • Contact information, including email and/or phone number
    • Brief description of your Advocacy Request

    You will be contacted in return within 48 hours of submitting your request. Email or text your request to:

    Mr. Jeff Dase
    Assistant Superintendent of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

DEI Request Form

  • In our commitment to fostering a safe and inclusive learning environment, we believe it is crucial to educate our students and families about diversity, equity, and inclusion.

    • Diversity encompasses the unique qualities and identities that make each individual special, including race, ethnicity, culture, religion, gender, and abilities.
    • Equity ensures fairness by providing equal opportunities and resources for all students, regardless of their backgrounds.
    • Inclusion promotes a sense of belonging and respect for all, creating an environment where everyone feels valued and supported. 

     DEI QR Code Request FormWe encourage all DPS stakeholders to engage in conversations that promote acceptance and celebrate diversity within our school community. The form accessed through the QR code is a tool for all our community stakeholders to request information on a topic related to DEI or a topic you think DPS should investigate more for the overall improvement of our school district. Once completed, you will receive a follow-up communication, unless you want to remain anonymous.

Commitment to Equity

Meet the Team

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