• District-Wide Master Facilities Planning

    Long-Term Master Plan for All District Facilities

    Updated June 25, 2024

    Decatur Public Schools is undertaking an initiative to examine the structural integrity of all buildings within the District, as well as the long-term usage plan for those facilities. The goal of this process is to:

    • Analyze current buildings, including their structural integrity, and determine if repairs need to be made; also analyze the current use of all buildings and if that usage is aligned with the future needs of the District, given population and enrollment projections, staffing, and financial outlooks
    • Engage the community to understand their wants and needs when it comes to providing an education for our District's current students and future generations
    • Plan for the future of the District, again taking into account enrollment projections, staffing needs, fiscal responsibility, and more
    • Get feedback on this plan from our community and make adjustments as needed
    • Put the plan into action

    We know that this will not be a quick process, but DPS Administration is committed to ensuring the long-term needs of the District and our community are met. The District intends to seek a business or individual to help facilitate the analysis, engagement, and planning process.

    Below is a timeline of steps in this planning process. This outline will be updated frequently and may change as information is gathered and steps in the process are reviewed.

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